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Michael Redmond . July 12 · THANKS & PROPS to soprano Suzi More for the gift of her new recording MAX KOWALKSI (1882-1956) Lieder 1913-1934 (Op. 1-16, two CDs), also featuring soprano DJ Abbamont and accompanists Victoria Griswold, Kendall Kardt, Angela Louise Manso, and Glenn Tiedemann. Kowalski was a Polish-born German Jewish composer who enjoyed considerable success before the rise of Nazism. He composed more than 200 Romantic-style Lieder for voice and piano, many of which found favor with leading singers of the day. Briefly imprisoned in Buchenwald, Kowalski was lucky to be released and to find refuge in England, where he died in obscurity. The songs (various poets) are invariably graceful, tuneful and stylish. In retirement in Arizona, Suzi More was active for many years as a performer and teacher in northern New Jersey. She makes a compelling case for Kowalski with adept, sensitive and unaffected performances, rich in word-painting and crystal-clear in diction. Her love for this music shines through every bar. For more information: Photo: Max Kowalski

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