Up, Down, Turn Around

by Suzi More

Released 2006
little red hen
Released 2006
little red hen
This CD is a collection of Children's songs from many years of concerts for young children. Suzi More writes with wit and charm for all ages.There is a song for brushing your teeth, bathing with your favorite duck, your red wagon and even for nodding off
Suzi More has been an "Early Childhood" educator for over 22 years. She believes deeply in the power of Music to not only educate, make people physically and mentally fit but to bring healing and well-being to those who learn to sing,
dance or play instruments.

Suzi possesses degrees in Music (BA), Education(MA) and studied Opera from her teens through 40's and attended one of the country's leading Opera Academies. She not only teaches classical voice to students of all ages in her art schools but works with very little children daily.

She performs not only children's recitals with guitar and large storyboards, but she is a recitalist and lecturer for classical music concerts. She has written many folk and jazz ballads, some of which can be found on her CD "Blue."

The selections on Up, Down, Turn Around are a mix of different styles and learning experiences. Suzi suggests getting out all the rhythmn instruments for playing and marching to "Clownin Around" and the " Ode on a Thanksgiving Meal" because both are from the "Orff" Musical Educational tradition. You can also recognize the Orff instrumentation in "Listen In."

"Pearly Whites" was written because there is a great void in the world of Children's dental health songs and Suzi was getting tired of singing Raffi's "Brush Your Teeth" even though she loves it very much.

The other songs are great story songs and fingerplays. "In the Valley" is a song to make up fingerplays or use real sign language for words like house, tree, bees, birds, dog, boy, and mom and dad. These songs have all been made into visuals so you can just picture gigantic eyes and ears and fingers and toes for "Listen In."

Children can dance to the "Snowflake" song and "point their noses to the ground as they busily turn around and when they finally finish, they land with a perfect touch down."

It all ends with "Don't Want To Go" Everyone has had the experience of holding a small child in their laps or over their shoulders nodding off to dreamland, as they pick up their heads and fight sleep several times before they finally nap.

For all who buy her CD, Suzi will email lyric sheets for her songs.

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