Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, D. 965, Op. posth. 129 (Live)

by Suzi More, Victoria Griswold & Walter Terry MacWilliams

Released 2016
Lil Red Hen Records
Released 2016
Lil Red Hen Records
"The Shepherd on the Rock" by Franz Schubert, in German is "Der Hirt auf dem Felsen" D 965, Opus posth. 129. It Is a Lied for soprano, clarinet, and piano by Franz Schubert, composed in 1828. This CD from a "live" concert in the 1980s.

"The Shepherd on the Rock" in German is "Der Hirt auf dem Felsen" D 965, Opus posth. 129, a Lied for soprano, clarinet, and piano by Franz Schubert, composed in 1828.

Der Hirt auf dem Felsen was composed in 1828 during the final months of his life.

The Lied was written for an operatic soprano, Pauline Anna Milder-Hauptmann, a friend of Schubert. She had requested a piece that would show not only her exquisite technical abilities in phrasing and range but one that would show that she could have a great range of emotions.. It was published a year and a half after Schubert's death. Milder sang it for the first time at the House of the Blackheads in Riga on 10 February 1830.

The performers on this track are Suzi More, soprano with Victoria Griswold, piano and Walter "Terry" MacWilliams.
From a performance in the early 1980's in Plainfield, New Jersey.

A New Jersey native, Miss More has performed extensively throughout the United States and abroad. She has been soloist and has appeared in numerous operatic roles performing with the Festival Chorus of New Jersey, the Masterwork Chorus and Orchestra, Orpheus Chamber Singers, the Plainfield Symphony, Ars Musica Antiqua, the Garden State Chorale, the State Repertory Opera, Jersey Lyric Opera, Choral Baccarelli (Sao Paulo, Brazil), the Academy of Vocal Arts Opera Theatre (Philadelphia, PA), Montclair Chamber Orchestra, and numerous others. In 1989, she was the award-winning collaborator along with composer Loretta Jankowski, of a song cycle entitled Phoenix, published internationally by Boosey & Hawkes, in December 1993. The work, featuring Ms. Morehead, was presented at both the Los Angeles, California (1989), and Little Rock, Arkansas, National Association of Teacher's of Singing (NATS) conventions. Under auspices of the United States Embassy, Ms. Morehead toured Brazil.
She is a recipient of several Lila Wallace/Reader's Digest Incentive Grants, for performance and research. She is a member of the National, New Jersey and New York Chapters of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, as well as a composer of jazz, folk and children's songs. Her voice teachers and coaches include Franco Rossi-Roudett, Terrence Shook, Helen Fenstermacher, Chloe Owens, Daniel Ferro, Marlena Malas, Dorothea Discala, Frank Valentino, Deborah Taylor, and Dolores Cassinelli. She has appeared in master classes with Elly Amelling, Jerome Hines, Judith Raskin, and Dalton Baldwin. Ms. More holds a B.A. degree from Rutgers University, M.A. degree from Jersey City State College, and pursued studies at the Academy of Vocal Arts, in Philadelphia, and New York University. She has worked as voice teacher, chorus director and Orff specialist at the Newark School of the Arts for over 25 years as well as taught several years in the Passaic School district as music specialist.

Victoria Griswold is a classical pianist who has concertized in Europe, Brazil and throughout the New York metropolitan area. At her debut recital in NYC, one reviewer characterized her as "an elegant pianist." She received her Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from Manhattan School of Music. In Europe she recorded new works of William Thomas McKinley with such orchestras as the Warsaw Philharmonic, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. She is currently working on a recording of piano music by women composers.
Her musical background also includes appearances as pianist and Music Director for professional musical theatre productions, Music Director and harpsichordist for Ars Musica Antiqua, and early music ensemble and as church organist. She also served as staff accompanist at New Jersey City University for six years.
Ms. Griswold taught piano for 30 years in her private studio and has adjudicated many young people's competitions and auditions sponsored by such organizations as the New Jersey Symphony, the Livingston Symphony, the Music Educators of New Jersey, the Andrew DeGrado Foundation and the New Jersey Music Teachers Association. Victoria Griswold is also the owner of the Plainfield Music Store, a retail establishment specializing in printed music.

Walter "Terry" MacWilliams was a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, he played classical music with the clarinet. Terry performed in Boston, New York City, New Jersey and Chicago. Like Schubert, he did not live long, he died a few years after this collaboration in 1986.

The re-mastering and cover art were done by Max Caselnova of Fox Recording Studio, Rutherford,, New Jersey.

About the lyrics:
There are seven verses in all, the first four and the last were from poetry of Wilhelm Müller.
The fifth and sixth verses were written by Karl August Varnhagen von Ense.

'Der Hirt auf dem Felsen'" 

Wilhelm Müller – "Der Berghirt" 
Wenn auf dem höchsten Fels ich steh',
In's tiefe Tal hernieder seh',
Und singe.
Fern aus dem tiefen dunkeln Tal
Schwingt sich empor der Widerhall
Der Klüfte.
Je weiter meine Stimme dringt,
Je heller sie mir wieder klingt
Von unten.
Mein Liebchen wohnt so weit von mir,
Drum sehn' ich mich so heiß nach ihr

English Translation:
When, from the highest rock up here,
I look deep down into the valley,
And sing,
Far from the valley dark and deep
Echoes rush through, upward and back to me,
The chasm.
The farther that my voice resounds,
So much the brighter it echos
From under.
My sweetheart dwells so far from me,
I hotly long to be with her
Over there.

Varnhagen – "Nächtlicher Schall" 
In tiefem Gram verzehr ich mich,
Mir ist die Freude hin,
Auf Erden mir die Hoffnung wich,
Ich hier so einsam bin.
So sehnend klang im Wald das Lied,
So sehnend klang es durch die Nacht,
Die Herzen es zum Himmel zieht
Mit wunderbarer Macht.

English Translation:
I am consumed in misery,
Happiness is far from me,
Hope has on earth eluded me,
I am so lonesome here.
So longingly did sound the song,
So longingly through wood and night,
Towards heaven it draws all hearts
With amazing strength.

Wilhelm Müller – "Liebesgedanken" [3]
Der Frühling will kommen,
Der Frühling, meine Freud',
Nun mach' ich mich fertig
Zum Wandern bereit

English Translation:
The Springtime will come,
The Springtime, my happiness,
Now must I make ready
To wander forth.

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