Mozart's "Exultate, Jubilate!"

by Suzi More

Released 2016
Lil Red Hen Records
Released 2016
Lil Red Hen Records
Suzi More sings Mozart's (Jan 27, 1756-Dec 5, 1701) religious solo motet (composed for a singer, whose technical skill he admired. Its first performance was on Jan 17, 1773. This recording from a "live " concert in Dunellen, NJ, Oscar Ravina, directing
This religious solo motet was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27, 1756 – December 5,1791) for a singer, whose technical excellence he admired. Its first performance was on January 17, 1773.

1. Exsultate, jubilate,
o vos animae beatae,
dulcia cantica canendo,
cantui vestro respondendo,
psallant aethera cum me.

1. English:Rejoice, resounding with joy,
o you blessed ones, singing such sweet songs,
and In response to your singing,
let the heavens sing forth with me.

2. Recitative
Fulget amica dies, jam fugere
et nubila et procellae;
exorta est justis,
inexspectata quies.
Undique obscura regnabat nox,
surgite tandem laeti,
qui timuistis adhuc,
et jucundi aurorae fortunatae frondes
dextera plena et lilia date.

2. English:The friendly day comes forth shining
both clouds and storms have gone away now;
for the righteous ones, there arises an gentle calm.
Before, all was the Dark night reigning over all.
arise, be happy at last, you who were fearful.
and rejoice in this beautiful dawning.
bring bouquets with lilies within your hand.

3.Tu virginum corona, tu nobis pacem dona,
tu consolare affectus, unde suspirat cor.
3. English: You the crowned of virgins,
grant us peace, Console our sadness,
which makes our hearts sigh.

4. Alleluja, alleluja!

4. English:Alleluja, alleluja!

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